MPSSAA Basketball State Championships Update, play could resume on April 6

By The Sports Pulse

GREENBELT – The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) has provided the public with more information on the state championships plan of action moving forward until further notice. See below:

Effective immediately: 

  • All interscholastic athletic teams are required to cancel all team practices until schools are reopened which at the earliest will be March 30, 2020.  After schools reopen, interscholastic athletic teams may not practice until they are authorized by their respective local educational agency to resume practices.
  • All interscholastic athletic contests shall be cancelled through April 6, 2020. April 6, 2020, becomes the first available play date for scheduling consideration. All schedules after April 6, 2020, must meet the weekly limitations as detailed in the MPSSAA Handbook.
  • All interscholastic teams should reconsider contests after April 6, 2020  that may include more than 250 individuals.
  • All interscholastic athletic teams should reconsider any opponents after April 6, 2020 that may be out-of-state.
  • The MPSSAA State Basketball Championships remain postponed until further notice.  The MPSSAA will remain vigilant regarding interscholastic athletics and the health and safety of students and school communities.

The MPSSAA will continue work collaboratively with the MSDE and other relevant state agencies to determine the best route for interscholastic athletics to resume.  All schools should direct questions to their local educational agencies and be mindful this guidance may change at any given time.

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